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Don’t Fall for the National Popular Vote – Enforce the Electoral College!

Here are the Exhibits referenced in the video: Be a Berean and look at them!

The red & blue map

The Chart

George Mason’s comment on July 17, 1787 re election of chief Magistrate [from James Madison’s Journal of the Federal Convention of 1787].

George Washington’s letter of October 3, 1788 to Alexander Hamilton.

California’s Assembly Bill No. 60 (passed 2013) permitting illegal aliens to get drivers’ licenses.

California’s Assembly Bill No. 1461 (passed 2015) establishing “Motor Voter” procedures where, when one gets a drivers’ license, one is automatically registered to vote.

Funding for FairVote.

Gallup Poll showing declining support for a national popular vote.

The various voting numbers came from HERE.

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  1. Fabulous presentation!


    Comment by Carolyn Alder | May 8, 2017 | Reply

    • Thank you for your kind words!


      Comment by Publius Huldah | May 8, 2017 | Reply

  2. “The election of the representatives by the people would not be governed by the same principle. A few of the members, as happens in all such assemblies, will possess superior talents; will, by frequent reelections, become members of long standing; will be thoroughly masters of the public business, and perhaps not unwilling to avail themselves of those advantages. The greater the proportion of new members, and the less the information of the bulk of the members the more apt will they be to fall into the snares that may be laid for them. This remark is no less applicable to the relation which will subsist between the House of Representatives and the Senate.” – Federalist 53


    Comment by JohnnyDollar74 | May 6, 2017 | Reply

    • I’ll have to study the Paper as a whole to see how to understand the para you quoted!


      Comment by Publius Huldah | May 6, 2017 | Reply

  3. Leave it to California. That State is nothing but a huge bowl of granola, what isn’t fruits and nuts are flakes.

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by archbishopgregori | May 6, 2017 | Reply

  4. I have come to the conclusion that the problems facing this nation today are exponentially proportional to the amount of civics that has been or is being taught in our public and private schools over the last 40 years or so. I have brought to the attention of my state legislators that Oregon laws mandate that Constitutional and U.S. History be taught in the schools from 8th grade through 12th grade and in all 4 years of college. The laws, ORS 336.057 and 336,067, state with specificity that the U.S. Constitution, U.S. History, ethics and morality be a integral part of the educational curriculum in Oregon. Yet, despite the laws only one school in Oregon teaches a select group of students anything about the U.S. Constitution and this is because the school has a national debate team. Our future law makers need a thorough knowledge of the U.S. Constitution and U.S. History in order for this nation to survive.

    I urg everyone who reads my words to go to the website and become a part of Mr. Richard Dreyfuss’ initiative to bring back civics in our schools before it is too late. Raim


    Comment by Douglas Smith | May 5, 2017 | Reply

    • I tried to contact the dreyfus initiative, but couldn’t figure out how! I’m in my early 70s – civics was an “elective” in the college prep program in my high school. And of course, we didn’t have it in law school!


      Comment by Publius Huldah | May 5, 2017 | Reply

      • When I saw and heard Mr. Dreyfuss on Fox News Tucker Carlson and tried to get to the website it was overloaded. I waited a few hours and managed to get on. I just clicked on and got in. Raim

        Liked by 1 person

        Comment by Douglas Smith | May 5, 2017 | Reply

  5. Reblogged this on Starvin Larry.


    Comment by gamegetterII | May 5, 2017 | Reply

  6. And yet President Trump has always been for the national vote and still is regardless of losing it.

    “The electoral college is a disaster for a democracy.” ~Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) on Twitter (November 7, 2012)

    “…well, you know, I’m not going to change my mind just because I won. But I would rather see it where you went with simple votes. You know, you get 100 million votes and somebody else gets 90 million votes and you win.” ~Donald Trump, 60 Minutes Interview (Nov. 13, 2016)

    Is it a coincidence that Trump’s favorite president was the first Democrat President Andrew Jackson (aka King Andrew), who vehemently advocated for the popular vote?

    With Trump’s use of the bully pulpit, and his cult like following who rubber stamp everything he says, fighting this movement just got that much harder.


    Comment by Blue Tail Gadfly | May 5, 2017 | Reply

    • Blue Tail, what is your motive behind your seemingly never ending attacks on Trump? Is your point that Hillary Clinton would have been better than Trump? Is your point that Trump is no James Madison? [I think we all know that]
      And what do you suggest we do?

      I suggest we need to say things which are, in one way or the other, HELPFUL. How are your constant attacks on Trump helpful? Do you want him impeached? And replaced by … Pence? Or Paul Ryan?

      Or is your motive to prove that YOU were right when you opposed him during the Primary and General Election? We should have selected someone else? Whom?


      Comment by Publius Huldah | May 5, 2017 | Reply

      • Well I can ask you the same questions about your seemingly never ending unsupportable defense of Trump. Why don’t you condemn him the same as you do the people supporting the popular vote in your video above?

        If my holding all our public servants to the same standard, and educating the people about biblical and republican principles using President Trump as a demonstrable example offends you, I won’t bother posting here anymore.

        At least with Hillary Clinton, Republicans would have been united in opposing her on partisan grounds. As it is with Trump, we are divided and therefore ineffectual in stopping his progressive agenda, which isn’t all that different from hers. The following are but a few unconstitutional and Marxist objectives which were on display in his official campaign platform.

        Work with Congress to create a patient-centered health care system that promotes choice, quality, and affordability.

        Provide 6 weeks of paid leave to new mothers before returning to work.

        Immediately add an additional federal investment of $20 billion towards school choice. This will be done by reprioritizing existing federal dollars.

        You cannot honestly deny those objects being evil and immoral. These are your words from your article ‘Man-Made “Ant-Rights”‘:

        The welfare State – socialism – communism – fascism –obama’s blather about “redistribution” and “fairness” are evil and immoral because they are based on a violation of God’s Laws granting us Liberty, upholding the sanctity of private property, and condemning envy and theft.

        Of course all that is but the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Trump’s subversively progressive agenda, that you apparently think is better than Hillary’s.

        This isn’t about proving myself right, but about our founding and biblical principles being correct, to which I used to discern who Trump really is. If the people do not learn to use and trust those principles, then nothing will be gained in the next election. We will continue to nominate and elect bad men while continuing to sink further into depravity. I am truly sorry you can’t or won’t see that.

        Proverbs 24:23 “These also are sayings of the wise. To show partiality in judgment is not good.”

        “Of truth, liberty, and virtue, it is the exclusive prerogative to be always consistent.” ~James Wilson, Of the Natural Rights of Individuals (1790)


        Comment by Blue Tail Gadfly | May 5, 2017 | Reply

        • Would you give examples of my “seemingly never ending unsupportable defense of Trump.” ?

          And I have been focused on trying to stop an Article V convention.


          Comment by Publius Huldah | May 5, 2017 | Reply

  7. What is first needed to reestablish the Electoral college as it was intended would be (state) laws requiring that only the electors, and not the candidates to which they are pledged, to appear on ballots.

    Beyond that, we need a better way to select electors, ideally by some kind of fetura process, alternating random selection with a merit screening stage.


    Comment by constitutionalism | May 5, 2017 | Reply

    • I propose a system where prospective Electors are grilled on their knowledge of our Constitution; and only people of Wisdom and Virtue are selected. I have discernment and can distinguish between people of Wisdom & Virtue and those who lack it. But many others seem to lack this discernment [but I’m sure there is a way to solve this problem.] I hereby volunteer to sit on the Statewide panel for Tennessee which grills prospective Electors on their knowledge of the Constitution.
      But I confess I have no idea what a “fetura process” is.


      Comment by Publius Huldah | May 5, 2017 | Reply

  8. And how do we accomplish this when there is so much money against us, the little guys? Even a lot of the little guys fall under the spell of the lies and corruption of the big guys. When there are gazillions of dollars against those of us who can do $10, $20, or $50 and no more, it is pretty hard to fight that. The guys “on the take” certainly aren’t going to be swayed by honor and truth. They love their pocketbooks more than their morals. And I agree with the comment about pastors. We need pastors who are passionate about our country, about faith, and about truth. They are pansies who, too, have fallen for the money – in this case, mostly government money. When churches became tax-exempt, they were bought out lock, stock, and barrel by the government, and they dare not speak out against their benefactors, even if they wanted to. Everybody yells about George Soros, but the Koch Brothers are equally bad. Any person or persons who buy off politicians, for whatever reason, are as evil as the politicians who take the money. There is good reason for the statement “money is the root of all evil.”


    Comment by Jeannine Brown | May 5, 2017 | Reply

    • Love your comment, Jeannine! In some States, State legislators will listen to the truth and act accordingly.

      But for the most part, Americans elect scoundrels and nincompoops to office (Senator Long in Indiana immediately comes to mind). We need to stop swallowing what candidates tell us and TEST them on their knowledge of the Constitution. When they are seeking our votes, we should test them on their knowledge. Any politician who tells you he will obey the Constitution and can’t answer correctly basic questions about it is a phony and we shouldn’t vote for him. Candidates for office should be GRILLED on their knowledge.

      In the past, they have told us what we want to hear and we cheered and we didn’t test them – because few of us know. We must fix ourselves first; then we can fix our Country. Fortunately, our Constitution is easy to learn (for the most part).


      Comment by Publius Huldah | May 5, 2017 | Reply

      • I just want to point out that the partial quote from 1 Timothy 6:10 King James Version (KJV) should be quoted in it’s entirety which is:

        “10 For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.”

        It’s the LOVE of money that is the root of all evil… and coveting after it causes erring from the faith and … many sorrows. One of which is the loss of Godliness in our country, which in turn leads to so much more evil. Our type of government was made only for a “virtuous” people, which we on the whole have long since ceased to be. May God help us to repent. In His grace, Mrs. O


        Comment by Mrs. O | May 5, 2017 | Reply

        • Amen, Mrs. O


          Comment by Publius Huldah | May 5, 2017 | Reply

          • Just click on the URL and it should take you there. If not, cut and paste to you URL or paste in your search engine. Hope that helps. Raim


            Comment by Douglas Smith | May 5, 2017

  9. And let’s repeal the popular election of US Senators! Kill the 17th amendment.


    Comment by Manfred | May 5, 2017 | Reply

    • Amen! But remember, one reason the American People fell for the direct popular election of US Senators was the MASSIVE corruption in our State legislatures re the selection of US Senators – it seems that US Senators bought their seats from powerful State Legislators. Today, the Republican Governor and Lt. Governor of Texas, and Texas Republican State Legislators have been bought by the Koch Brothers. American politicians will do anything for money.

      Truly, our Constitution works only for a moral & virtuous people. The rot in our Country began to take off and spread in the mid 1800s. Since then, our pastors have been, for the most part, a worthless lot. Today, some of the worst liars & cowards around are pastors! The profession provides good cover for scoundrels; and Americans are so gullible, they won’t look behind the facade fake Christians put up.

      Liked by 1 person

      Comment by Publius Huldah | May 5, 2017 | Reply

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