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Understanding the Constitution

Why was the Convention Method put into Article V?

See this – only 3.5 minutes:

But for the complete story of what happened at the Federal Convention of 1787 respecting the development of Article V, read this:

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February 4, 2015 - Posted by | Article V, Article V Convention, constitutional convention, Convention of States project | , , , ,


  1. Article V provides for an AMENDING convention, not a constitutional convention. Applications limit the scope of the convention. Congress acknowledges this because it has refused to aggregate applications for different purposes or amendment specific conventions. States can define the qualifications and duties of delegates, who represent the sovereign states. The delegates are NOT sovereigns but there as agents of the states. In 1787, the States convened a convention to revise the Articles of Confederation to make it suitable for the exigencies of the new union. The new constitution was submitted to the continental congress, which endorsed it unanimously (RI was absent). Although the ratification was changed from all states to 9 states, NO STATE was bound unless it ratified it. Right now we are witnessing a “runaway” federal government. Some here say we just need to follow the constitution, not amend it. How illogical is it to advocate IGNORING Article V of the Constitution? You are advocating precisely what you say you oppose. You have faith in states to nullify unconstitutional laws but you turn around and claim states can’t be trusted with a convention of states? Well, do you trust legislators or not? The fact is that electing “better” politicians alone will not reverse bad Supreme Court decisions such as Kelo v. City of New London. Only an amendment which restores the Framers’ original meaning of “public use” can correct it. Instead of making personal attacks against fellow conservatives, I recommend joining us. There is a growing political consensus that the federal government is out of control. If you believe in the Constitution, then follow it. Article V is a specific “check” on the power of the federal government. It is a necessary one. If we don’t use it, federal power will continue to grow regardless of the majority power in control.


    Comment by martinaustintx | February 5, 2015 | Reply

    • My goodness – there is very little truth in what you write! I have already addressed the points you recite – for starters, read with an open mind, my two most recent papers on my website.

      And for heavens sake look up and read the hyperlinks!

      THEN come back and we will address any remaining questions you may have.


      Comment by Publius Huldah | February 5, 2015 | Reply

  2. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to finally listen to you in action. Quite grand, and I will keep asking states to give you the opportunity to speak. Kindest to you.


    Comment by LT. Robert K. Powell GDO ( ret. ) | February 4, 2015 | Reply

  3. My father told me sixty years ago we didn’t need a new Constitution, we just need to get rid of the people who trash the one we have.


    Comment by Doug | February 4, 2015 | Reply

  4. Your are shining like the North Star; a beacon of hope on a cold dark cloudless night.

    Today we will make ready for battle and do pledge our lives and our good fortunes.

    For it is better to have fought the noble fight and lost, than to live forever in darkness.

    May the peace of God that transcends all thought be your strength and your shield. SLL


    Comment by Stephen Lawson | February 4, 2015 | Reply

  5. Nuts!! I’m still trying to update my Adobe so I can look at/read things, and am having NO LUCK!! But eventually I’ll get it. . .


    Comment by Carol Boggs | February 4, 2015 | Reply

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